Los Angeles tenants increasingly engaging in rent strikes amid housing crisis


Facts come out because what you know from the headlines of the national media you're only getting maybe one third of the story i love that one third of a fifty percent of its probably ally classic is michael brown in ferguson missouri when you had that one clown on television immediately saying that michael brown's hands up don't shoot hands up don't shoot and it took months for the fbi the atf to blood splatter evidence it was clear that michael brown's blood was inside the police car dare inside darren's police car was michael brown's blood he came into the police car six four three hundred pounds punching the cop grabbing for his gun discharged a gun inside the police car ran away he's yelling from the stop he stops and then because of blood splatter evidence and the elliptical shape of the blood drops it's provable provable beyond a shadow of a doubt then michael brown then ran toward the police officer and he's yelling from to stop and he shot him three times as he's running to kill him and so when i came out and took months for that to come out bill i'm sorry to interrupt but i have a call for sure sports i just wanna say thank you thank you very much tom.

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