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Services model for for education funding there's also a regional cost of living adjustment in caceres wages part of spam essential essential program the services ups so you got the things regionally from extent i would oppose changing within the law now i think the people voted the people spoken i would not i would not want to roll back that measure that sends a bad signal portland is looking to potentially have a paid sick time that has certainly been out there it's in other states and it's been talked about do support that and if you do why or if you don't why not well you know it takes a village as they say and portland's goes on issues i think that statewide we need to look at paid family leave in four other states it's been done it's been enacted without burdening the employer and i and i wanna look about a lot more deeply but i think we've got gotta look at paid family leave as as an employer friendly proposal for employees of a certain size and i can't tell you right now how many employees that might be but i think of employers of a sizeable nature they they need to accommodate family leave and paid family leave and can do that by looking at other states rhode island and other states have done and i think they have funded it on the basis of employees taxes of some sort employee contributions that build up in support sort of like a health savings account in some states build up the money to be able to take a cave leave when a family emergency arises a a huge percentage of maine people are now or have recently been caregivers for either elderly adults or small children or disabled individuals in your family i got to accommodate their needs in allow them to stay in the workforce for the private workforce and also be able to take care of families in india needs you know if you have an hourly position in particular it's really tough to take time off and to have an unpaid especially for low wage workers it's released disaster for the family and we're talking today with attorney general janet mills you know you mentioned a little bit about healthcare and i think that's certainly a huge concern for former employer.

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