James Patterson, Barack Obama and Clinton discussed on Jennifer Ross and Bill Adams


Of a book is putting out james patterson is the best selling novelist of all time james patterson and clinton at a rare lucid moment in what she said because barack obama was an africanamerican the media largely gave him a free pass that was a rare lucid moment for clinton of course it's true but you know it wasn't necessarily based upon race because if it was based upon race black conservatives will get a free pass from the media clarence thomas would be supported by the mainstream media hollywood left because he's black clarence thomas is black correct how much support is clarence thomas have in the mainstream media they answer is none how much supports is clarence thomas thomas solar kevin jackson having the mainstream media the answer is none so it's not it's not about race alone it's about race coupled with an ideology of liberalism so if you take a black liberal member of the black congressional caucus or barack hussein obama or any other black liberal guess what whatever is said is excusable permitted and if you attack that person it's racism but if you attack a black conservative is that also racism.

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