Trump Advises GOP: Quit Wasting Time On Immi


Playing games they have been playing in john games trump said in john trump no said more no more donald president donald donald trump said president that donald trump said that china is guilty china of economic is guilty aggression of economic aggression and in a thirty five page and report in a thirty titled five how page china's report economic titled aggression how china's economic threatens aggression threatens the technologies and intellectual the technologies property and of intellectual the united states property and the world of the united states and the world that came a day after that came president a day after president donald trump donald threatened trump to slap additional threatened tariffs to slap additional on tariffs goods from china on goods from china now everybody believes we are now in the middle everybody of this believes incredible we are in the middle market of this incredible turmoil market turmoil and what has happened is trying and to has what has been happened is trying to has not been playing with us on not a level playing playing with field us on a level playing field so so president trump has sought president to trump level has sought that playing to field level the playing field and and the globalists' the globalists' and the progressives have and gone the progressives nuts have gone nuts they're claiming that we are they're at threat claiming for that the we next are great at threat for depression the next great because depression because they believe that smoothawley they believe that smoot which was hawley a tariff which act was a tariff act in twenty nine in nineteen twenty nine twenty nine nineteen was the twenty cause nine was the cause of the great depression of the great depression i believe it was i believe the it federal was reserve the federal reserve i believe it was our monetary eh believe system it was our as monetary it is system as was it is an as it is was as it is is there a risk is that there beijing a risk could speak that beijing to manipulate could or speak pressure to manipulate even or pressure more so even more so with their with their economic aggression economic aggression as a result of what as trump a result has done of what trump has done given the size of china's economy given the size that of china's demonstrate economy that demonstrable demonstrate demonstra extent of its marketdistorting extent of its marketdistorting policies and

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