Fatal shooting of unarmed teen by Pittsburgh police prompts protests


The immigration battle heats up i'm lisa lacerra fox news on border security we don't want people in our country that don't go through a process the president trump this afternoon after meeting with families of those killed by illegal immigrants earlier this week he signed an executive order that would end the policy of separating families at the border this has california democrat visits a facility were immigrants are being detained senator kamala harris was cheered by protesters after she toured the facility in san diego she told them she met with some of the women being held as mothers have given testimony if you will have given the stories have shared their stories their personal stories that are story of a human rights abuses being committed by the united states government she criticized the facility calling it a jail and said families need to be reunified a senior administration official anonymously told the ap that roughly five hundred children have been reunited with their parents and the other eighteen hundred were expensive to be brought to their parents within days fox's jessica rosenthal av preparing to construct detention centers for thousands of immigrants on a remote basis in california alabama and our zona in east pittsburgh pennsylvania a third day of protests over the fatal shooting of antwon rose seventeen year old african american was unarmed when he was shot by police officer late tuesday night police officer stopped the car antoine was riding in because it matched the description of a car involved in an earlier shooting police are investigating the shooting of rose netflix ceo reed hastings says he fired the company's top spokesman over the use of a racial slur the spokesman jonathan freedland confirmed in tweets that he was leaving the company saying he was insensitive and speaking with his team about words that offend in comedy fox news fair and balanced a son of the lens of liberty here is helen krieble i worry about being dependent on foreign countries for energy new discoveries of oil and natural gas in.

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