I built a bot and now I know why bots are so dumb


Go out there and say womp womp when you're talking about some of these heartbreaking stories idiotic in the extreme foolish in the extreme because cord wounds he is an idiot corey lewandowski is a full there's talking about him coming back as chief of staff or bring him back into the trump administration trump would be foolish to that really foolish knew that to bring corey lewandowski the men the man has the honest to god the man has the i q of a chilled vegetable not even like a room temperature like a cucumber it's been in the fridge for too long to start started the mold it's so bad for trump spouse it's bad for the president to have representatives like corey douse going womp womp when people are talking about the suffering of children he'd be the equivalent of after parkland somebody goes on tv and they're talking about the horrors that happened to parkland and instead of people saying yes that was indeed horrifying terrible we need to find a way to stop that one of the ways to stop that is not done control the better school security it'd be like corey lewandowski going on tv and so many talking about somebody shot to death in the school in quarterly goes warmth warm he's in moron this is this kind of this sort of political polarization sort of political conflict where rhetoric donald's matters much more than workable policy it really makes me angry it's really frustrating and it's really stupid because there is a workable policy solution to all of this ted cruz proposed it yesterday now ted cruz is bill right which is supposed to be brought up in the house of representatives ray with with the help of speaker ryan the house is gonna vote on a bill that unites illegal immigrant families at the border and democrats are expected to vote against the bill they're getting clean standalone bill to formally prevent child separation and they're going to vote no on mass says guy benson right demonstrating once again the bad faith the democrats have on this entire issue now republicans have a win if they will compassionate but that means you can't send out people who are christians to represent you on television you can't send out corey lewandowski the last time an object pass through his head was never reminisce and i'm i'm talking i'm including his brain revenue like there's nothing in there there's there's an old there's headline about dizzy dean does he was a famous pitcher for the saint louis cardinals back in the nineteen forties and famous for being kind of a nutcase and he was he was trying to steal second base and the catcher tried to throw him out and hit him in the head with the ball and and the headlines the next day read dizzy dean's head xrayed rayed nothing revealed that is pretty much corey lewandowski xray that's he's head and it looks like a balloon sending him out as representative for the administration is so deeply unhelpful but it didn't stop there then you have a trump adviser who goes on cnn and he calls illegal immigrants invaders this is just it is not useful guys policy that trump is purporting to push here is not a bad policy in terms of strict enforcement of the border i like stricken forcement of why it lets us know whether laws bad or good he can't tell whether laws bad or good until it's fully enforced and trump wants to change the law sending out people to call legal immigrants vader's while the left is showing pictures of children is not exactly right i i i batur let me say two in our immigrants okay now this is obviously good for america this sort of political conversation where guy says invaders and then someone's screams for five minutes at the top lungs.

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