Next Central Bank Puts QE Unwind on the Calendar


The current range is still pretty low i mean it's still near historic lows for these interest rates it's the feds way of gradually trying to what we call tap on the economic breaks as the economy continues to power ahead but this is a delicate balancing act it here's the problem folks if the fed taps too quickly the what they're going to do is risk throwing the economy into a recession if that means raise rates too fast if they tap too slowly and the and the economy could overheat and economic expression that means fastgrowth could push inflation sharply higher in other words the fat is hoping to thread the economic needle carefully you know if we were discussing goldilocks central bankers like the fed would be trying to steer the us economy in a direction that's not too not too hot not too cold but just right just like that porridge not too hot not too cold goldilocks and the three bears.

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