Q and A: What does the Iran deal mean for North Korea?


I'm john batchelor with thaddeus mccotter wjr and our colleague gordon chang of the daily beast and we all three welcome bruce bechtel bruce is importantly the author of a new book north korean military proliferation in the middle east and africa enabling violence and instability bruce's the professor political science at angelo state university retired marine once a marine always a marine the author of several books about north korea the trouble north korea however tonight on the eve of the announcement by the trump administration about the iran deal i begin with this bruce proliferation in the middle eastern africa and there's a wonderful illustration on your book and i think i see iran inside that little star there all right so the iran deal what does this mean for north korea that the iran deal is likely to be canceled does this affect north korea's ability to rest money from the hands of the mullah's good evening to you good evening john and good evening all it certainly didn't affect the steady flow of a lot of money every year about two to three billion every year from aranda north korea when the sanctions were on all that lifting the sanctions did was make it easier to get that money to north korea but north korea iran and syria have such extensive illicit banking financial networks in both europe and asia and the middle east and frankly and countries in africa like mozambique and easy oprah that it it just it you know unless we go after those specific banks and those front companies which those sanctions don't cover or the ones that didn't were not covered under the ranch sanctions were never really going to slow the flow of cash between iran and north korea or the flow of weapons for north korea to iran status bruce well it means that you know our president donald trump you know put out a formal policy we talked about it on this show several months ago last fall where he talked about a pressure campaign against north korea.

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