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Drinking too i have a feeling i know that jay leno had a bar i think jimmy fallon does too jimmy kimmel does they all have little bars backstage in the east to sit there and and there was that feeling that sense of like i said eavesdropping in their living room and janis is a great interviewer and he knew how to you make the starshine and he also knew how to take it from them if the guest sucked if the guests has really bad at these shows he knew how to take it and make the best out of the segment and that guess would probably need never be back again but if you watch a lot of interviews with boulder comedians people like jerry seinfeld and ellen generous and people of that generation they will tell you there was a time in the eighties where if you're a comic coming up and you had a tonight show bit you know you gotta you gotta spot on the tonight show he got five minutes i think maybe at nola less probably less than that so

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