British court rules against parents seeking treatment for terminally ill son


Rallied they have supporters outside the hospital being very vocal calling themselves out these army and they're getting a lot of support but legally today was a big knock the court of appeal ruling again that they cannot take their infant son out of the hospital are they talking about what kind of treatment they would be offered in rome that they're not getting in the uk now we haven't had any great detail or information on that they just believe that they feel he will get better looked after in italy they feel that there's one last him prohibited would be treatment that the roman hospital would give him both the doctors categorically in the uk have said that he is never going to get better he is in this semi vegetative state at the moment in the hospital hooked up to a machine it's heartbreaking is dot is very proactive on social media thomas made some videos and he's put them out there the parents just want what's best for their child and they're fighting hard for him they really really are but today was almost the final knockback legally they do have a twenty four hour window to go back and ask the court of appeal to reconsider but they've been to the high court the supreme court the court of appeal twice and the european court for human rights so they've exhausted virtually every legal avenue they want their baby out of the hospital is twenty three months old they feel that he got a better chance in italy but the doctors in the uk are adamant that quite simply it is heartbreaking but nothing more can be done for alfie evans so if he's on life support at what point does the hospital just explained to me for the uk purposes can will they pull the plug or will the parent will he be indefinitely on this life support of the parents at some point have to make that decision.

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