Syrian TV: Air defense confront missiles in Homs

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The rebroadcast at ten about the theater production end of life opening a dialogue about the experiences via stage readings of two greek check tragedies written by sophocles we'll hear from the arctic director and actor david stern that's all coming up at ten on form fantasies we all have them it can be away just to have fun to explore from scratch they can be a harmless way to excite to explore to escape but the line between fantasy and reality can become blurred i'm kelly and this week on the factor all the why do we create fantasy worlds that's after the news bbc news with jim lee serious government news agency reports that antiaircraft batteries have been in action to defend a military airbase from a missile attack syria media did not specify who is behind the purported missile strike near the city of homs us forces were not active there at the time a team of chemical weapons monitors is waiting permission to visit the site of the suspected gas attack in the syrian town of duma the russian defense ministry has said the officials will test the route on tuesday additional us sanctions against russia appear to have been put on hold the measures are aimed at russian companies with ties to president assad of syria the president of myanmar has granted an amnesty to almost eight and a half thousand prisoners to mark the burmese new year holiday who was elected to the largely ceremonial role in march he's a long standing ally of answer chee and a former political prisoner himself a judge in california has ruled that facebook myspace a class action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition technology the lawsuit alleges that facebook's photograph tacking function has compiled a database of faces without uses explicit consent facebook said the case had no merit in the speech later to the european parliament in strasbourg the french president emmanuel macron will lay out his vision for the future of the european union every month this year the european parliament is asking different eu leader to present their ideas for the continent china's economy grew in the first quarter gdp was up by six point eight percent here on year the figure was slightly higher than expectations analysts say the official data is encouraging for president cheese pushed to maintain economic stability in the world's second largest economy the new york times in the.

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