New York Mets on Matt Harvey 'partying' report


Pitching the next night in san diego out of the bullpen gave up a home run in that game certainly not ideal optics there for matt harvey and his general manager sandy alderson with his thoughts i don't think it was in this case but the other thing is matt has to understand that people always notice what he does and we were talking today it's like a borderline pitch in his case it's all it always gets called a strike you know as a as a hitter take that pitch don't take that pitch seems like he always it's always called the strike and probably learned something from it sandy are you upset by that report usually i get it i get upset if the report is unexpected so i guess short answer is no the not unexpected behavior for matt harvey according to the gm sandy alderson in sandy sounded like someone who's had to do a few too many of these kinds of press conferences about is one time star pitcher now pitching out of the bullpen with a five point seven six era and fed up you know talking about it and while it might not have been a major problem in this case it is part of an ongoing issue with matt harvey now mickey callaway was a little more open about it in terms of had a conversation with matt harvey but remember sandy's been through this for years and years and years this is the first time the mickey callaway is don't like with something like this remain harvey and you'll remember back in the off season the mets consider dealing harvey at the winter meetings and it was calloway as well as dave islands who thought that you know they could get matt harvey pitching well again and they wanted him to stick around they saw some things they liked on tape we haven't seen that in games thus far and you know another strike against matt harvey on with this issue we'll dive more into your own assessment is being back in the starting lineup tremendous news for the new york mets coming up preview this series a little bit but every tuesday night we have a chance to chat with.

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