Handmaid's Tale S2E7 recap


Hey everybody it's just an aunt sarah way we already to hear talk about episode seven which comes after up sewed six which i thought was going to break the internet with on the things that happened in that episode it was quite eventful will say so we haven't talked because you were not here for episode six so let's get your overall feelings on all the things that happened in a pursued six because we had what would we have we had nick and eden the scene we aren't sure we needed in the whole show what else do we have the bombing obviously at the end yeah and then we had what else was i seen where we find out how serena was shot and the handled yes handle yes fred fred show and his little his little killer face i know i actually i thoroughly enjoyed assode six all of it and i i maybe i was the only one but i was super surprised at how that was handled because i i knew serena had some pullover fred in certain situations i didn't think she had quite that pole and i didn't think he had quite the what's the word the guts for its intestinal fortitude yes so when he actually ended up killing the wife and the husband of the man who killed her or shot her excuse me that was really surprising i thought he was just gonna go clean with it and just kill that guy and kill his wife and be done with it so that was almost it but a little thought into yeah

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