Canon is Officially Done Selling Film Cameras After 80 Years


Hundred three eight five two four eight six six malls are shuttering as well this article is the the i have a lot of these articles open on my desktop how about this one cannon shudders eighty year history of film cameras a definite pun intended cannon is closing down its film cameras i think the last film camera i bought was a canon and i bought it right around two thousand and two because they still didn't make great the the great you know the the the single lens reflex cameras with a nice interchangeable lenses back then now they're everywhere i haven't used that film camera i bought i used it for about a year and then it's just been sitting in my closet do you use film anymore anybody interesting i mean on the same day that you have sears closing its stores and this story the death of suburbia this is the whole section in business insider dying shopping malls are wreaking havoc on suburban america they have examples here rolling acres mall in akron ohio open in nineteen seventy five to great fanfare you remember the i mean that was my era the seventies and eighties the malls were filled you remember fast times at ridgemont high.

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