Cosby accuser Andrea Constand speaks up


Iheartradio missouri has a new governor after republican governor air grinds resigns lieutenant governor mike parson was sworn in to the tom job yesterday faithfully demean myself the office off governor state of his marburg so help me god great resigned under threat of impeachment after allegations of sexual misconduct and misusing charity donor lists for political purposes the former missouri governor is not the only one facing fallout from sexual misconduct charges there are now three women suing harvey weinstein for assault and they say they had held covering up his misdeeds brian shook is a new york with more details melissa thompson says during a pitch meeting with the hollywood producer at a manhattan hotel in twenty eleven weinstein held her down and raped her the other two plaintiffs made new sexual assault allegations as well and all three women seek class action status in order to represent other alleged victims unspecified damages are being sought an attorney for weinstein who denies he sexually assaulted anyone did not issue a comment in response and lawsuit claims maistre weinstein and others film company miramax operated what amounted to a criminal organisation to facilitate and conceal his tottering of unwanted sexual conduct another sexual assault victim also is speaking up for the first time since the trial andrea constand the woman at the center of the bill cosby raped trial tells dateline about the three pills cosby suggested that she take to calm her nerves put his hand on and i said what are those and he said they'll help you relax and i said like are they are they natural are they like a herbal remedy he said no they're your friends just put him down cosby was found guilty of sexual assault and will be sentenced on september twenty fourth he faces up to thirty years in prison wbz news time five forty one and.

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