Brandon Marshall of Denver Broncos on President Donald Trump comments -- 'Disgusting'


Having easier access to their stores to highway was washed out if you recall by flooding took place in two thousand thirteen disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein expected to turn himself into a new york city authorities at any moment on sex abuse charges this comes one day after grand jury grand jury reportedly heard evidence in connection with sexual assault allegations against him hollywood mogul has denied all claims of nonconsensual sex the door is still open for a summit between north korea and the united states the north says it's too willing to have one after president trump cancelled the planned meeting definitely north korea does want to make this happen on june twelfth and remind you president trump at the end of his letter said us are right as if you change your mind so i i think we could keep that open the possibility of getting this done abc's joe he'd show the top official from north korea releasing a statement saying trump's decision is out of step with the world's desire for peace on the korean peninsula will talk to colorado senator cory gardner coming up here at five twenty on colorado's morning news the president will address able academy commencement ceremony later today presidents traditionally addressed graduating members of one american military academy each year on a rotating basis the president was at the coast guard academy in connecticut last year defense secretary james mattis was addressing graduates at the air force academy earlier in the week and you could save broncos linebacker brandon marshall isn't a fan of president trump's comments on the new nfl anthem policy to me it's disgusting you know i'll say discussing because of our memorize in our i memorize you know we have freedom of speech right freeman protests so because somebody decided to protest now we have to be kicked out of the country president trump took to task the player protests yesterday and fox news.

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