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Interesting tech this week. We're moving away from EU regulation and heading to America where a pulse of merge that Amazon has been selling a facial recognition system to the police, the powered service called recognition with a k. can according to Amazon itself captured demographics and analyze sentiments for all faces in group photos, crowded events, and public places such as airports and department stores. Citing concerns that this kind of surveillance poses a great threat to customers and communities already unjustly. Targeted in the current political climate. The ACLU American Civil Liberties union and other civil rights. Organizations have started a petition, asking Amazon to as they put it, stop padding your bottom line by selling out civil rights. I'd like to thank Alex, Hon. Dr. Rachel Birch for joining me on the show this week will be a link to GDP guidelines on this week's episode description on the guardian website. And remember if you have any fun tech facts questions or feedback on the show. And if you have any ideas for cool digital stories that we should cover in future episodes, Email us at chips podcast at the guardian dot com. I'm doing Erika Weber. Thanks for listening. Great podcasts from the guardian just go to the guardian dot com slash podcasts.

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