DOJ Report: Comey 'insubordinate' on Clinton email investigation


Fbi james comey as insubordinate but not biased in his handling of an investigation into hillary clinton reports mr comey had made it had made an error of judgment in announcing he was reopening the inquiry into mrs clinton's emails shortly before the presidential election in two thousand sixteen from washington here's correspondent kris buckler james comey was far does fbi director by donald trump and blamed by hillary clinton for playing a part in her feeling to win the presidency but he has always defended the way he acted during that controversial campaign two years ago however this report says mr comey was in subordinates and concludes he mishandled an investigation into mrs clinton's use of a private email server christopher ray who succeeded him as head of the fbi says policies have been changed on other employees will be held accountable if there was misconduct and he says the crucial conclusion is that there was no attempt to influence the election this report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations actually impacting the investigation under review but contained in this report or details of text messages between two members of the fbi including one in which an agent says they will stop donald trump becoming president it seems to have been a northbound remark but the white house says it backs up claims of political bias in the bureau labor has won the parliamentary byelection lewisham east in south london with a greatly reduced majority on a low turnout it's candidates janet's debut was elected with a majority of five thousand six hundred compared with the twenty one thousand secured by predescessor in last year's general election only a third of eligible voters turned out the conservative candidate finished third behind the lib dem's up skirting the act of secretly taking sexually intrusive photographs under person's clothes is set to become a specific criminal offence the government's confirmed it will back a private member's bill being presented to the comments today by the liberal democrat mp vera hobhouse the worst offenders could face up to two years in jail two former health ministers one labor the other conservative have called for a radical shakeup of the nhs in england and a major boost to its funding their report written with the.

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