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Football here allenwood del co host of the allstatesugarbowl prep football roundup on friday nights coach nick salt of maggio head football coach at hovel high school franken kinder's been patiently waiting you're on wwl frank hey thanks for taking my call hey question coach if you could change to rules and football what's he rule all three wa i tell you one of them frank that's a great question by the way the foot the first thing i do in highschool football's eliminate kickoffs i just think that why i i guess i wouldn't do away with but i'd like to see put in is that we be able to cut on the perimeter i think it takes away from the football game a little bit that we are not allowed to cut the perimeter defenders it would make football a little bit more wide open on the edge so i know you asked me what i would do away with those those are two things that i think would make football a more interesting game but you know i'm a big believer in the kicking game so pardon me hope.

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