Tesla accuses former employee of hacking and transferring data


Debra and a dime lawyer has full year profit forecasts saying chinese consumers will buy fewer us built mercedes suv's because of those tariffs china announced twenty five percent levy is last week on cars imported from the us in retaliation for president trump's threats also expressed trade barriers to result in higher costs it's mercedes c class sedans and g l s and l crossovers are made in alabama tesla is suing a former employee for allegedly hacking confidential and trade secret information former technician martin trip is accused of transferring several gigabytes of data to outside entities along with their lives it photos of the production line ceo elon musk has worn employees to be on the lookout for what he calls sabotage he's tweeted that a few bad apples won't stop tesla reaching its goals shares an australian billboards specialists apn outdoors surged in sydney after jc toco made an unsolicited spence elicited bid worth about eight hundred ten million.

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