Waffle House shooting victim's mother receives daughter's diploma


Average in the country and this panel of cities san francisco three seventy three and the low averages batch on rouge at two forty five tom foty cbs news about crash in new hampshire leaves two people dead and two others injured it happened saturday night on the piscataway river when a twenty four foot boston whaler struck a buoy throwing female passenger into the water she was found unconscious in the river and later died as did another female passenger boat operator and another passenger were hospitalized the crash is under investigation posthumous honors for a victim of last month's shooting at a waffle house in nashville cbs's elaine kitano has the story at belmont university in tennessee this weekend a grieving mother accepted her daughters diploma the ebony groves was among four people killed last month at a waffle house near nashville her mother was given a standing ovation as she received diploma her son de ngelo also graduated the university announced a scholarship indiana's honor in other news now the worcester funeral home of graham putnam man mahoney is driving a hearse around the state to protest a takeover of mount ida college by umass amherst wbz's karyn regal spoke to the driver mon ida college has one of two mortuary science programs in the state the other is not at umass that's not the only reason graham putnam in whitney is driving around this hearse with lettering saying umass amherst berries mount ida college students and students are our future question mark on the back stephen lunches driving these are not thousand dollar programs we're talking tens fifteen twenty thirty thousand utah's about life affect how you gonna do that to a family just walk away that's not right the funeral home says it's mount ida students who have nowhere to continue their studies in boston karyn regal wbz newsradio ten thirty pulitzer prize winning historian edwin boroughs has died boroughs and co author mike wallace spent twenty years writing gotham a history of new york city to eighteen ninety eight an epic overview of the city's early days it won the pulitzer for history in nineteen ninety nine edwin boroughs was.

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