Health department issues warnings after raccoon tests positive for rabies in Marion County


Has been suspended pending the outcome of a district investigation because this happened yesterday that he was a spended he's on administrative leave with pay because students said that he took some class time to drown nuisance animals that would be raccoons i can't even imagine they are big in they're mean and i don't know how you go about drowning raccoons in front of a class this this probably was an unpleasant process and i i would question yeah i mean this is worse than waterboarding if you're drowning them i look i think that raccoons deserve a cruel fate but not in front of kids i mean i know they're high school kids and he was trying to make a point the district says we receive statements of the teacher drowned multiple animals in front of students and with student participation that would have been fun because the animals were nuisance animals to the ag program at the school so said kevin christian school district spokesman look eliminating raccoons from destroying the program at the school but maybe doing it in in class time now this is unless right he's making a contribution here to the student lunch program only teasing only teasing this is in marion county florida the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission issued a statement saying that it is looking into an incident that occurred at forest high school in marion county involving a raccoon i do not know what happened to the for of this animal but i do know that the coon skin caps that once were popular when back in the nineteen fifties when there was a davy crockett craze most of them were not actually made from real raccoon tails and for bill in lacey washington bill you're on the michael medved show afternoon michael how you doing doing well number one i hope you have not instigator they peter boycott of your show now.

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