No injuries after shots fired in parking lot of Kitchener high school


Lane very moist and we will keep rain chances today scattered thunderstorms are possible up to around eighty early patchy fog scattered thunderstorms early tonight cloudy skies late overnight low sixty eight tomorrow cloudy stray shower thunderstorm in eighty four may see a stray shower thunderstorm for our monday i'm jeff eno from the weather channel news talk eleven ninety nine three w bt we've got sixty nine degrees in rock hill at sixty eight degrees in huntersville we've got sixty eight degrees under cloudy skies and uptown charlotte officials say seventeen year old dmitri it's pagor is charged with capital murder in the deaths of those ten people at santa fe high school also planned to kill himself authorities say he posted an image on facebook of born to kill shirt and used his father shotgun and pistol in that rampage ten people were also wounded police in clayton county south of atlanta say one person was killed and another wounded in a shooting between people who just attended a high school graduation ceremony texas trade with safety chief says the shots were fired at mount zion in high school parking lot after an argument between people and passenger jet crashed shortly after takeoff in cuba on friday few survivors have been found among the wreckage the plane is a boeing seven thirtyseven it had just left the airport outside havana before it crashed abc's david curly covers the story the jet heading to the other end of the island was leased from a mexican company state owned kuban airlines had grounded many of its own aircraft due to maintenance.

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