Power outages linger as U.S. Northeast recovers from deadly storm

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Across north carolina are canceling classes today as teachers are expected to demonstrate in the state capital for higher pay from member station w n c rusty jacobs reports teachers are gathering in raleigh as lawmakers opened a legislative session to make judgments to the states to your budget ahead of the massive demonstration top lawmakers in the republican controlled general assembly unveiled their plan for raising teacher pay gop leaders say they've agreed to a six point two percent increase in the next fiscal year that would be the fifth consecutive pay raise for teachers but the state still ranks thirty ninth nationally democrats led by governor roy cooper won a greater salary increase for teachers and would help pay for it by cancelling the scheduled tax cut for incomes greater than two hundred thousand dollars an idea republicans scoffed at the gop holds veto proof majority in the state legislature rusty jacobs reporting this is npr the national weather service is predicting more severe storms for the northeast today through the mid atlantic there's even a chance for some scattered tornadoes powerful thunderstorms on tuesday left at least two people dead when strong winds through down trees on their vehicles some areas got large hail and widespread flooding brandon anders of saga these new york says yesterday's storms were remarkable thing that would pause such an uproar in this neighborhood hundreds of thousands of customers lost power and airlines delayed flights afghan security forces say they've pushed back the taliban after insurgents tried to seize a city in western afghanistan even though it's victory the government is being criticized for letting security weakened in the area npr's de hadeed reports from his lama bon taliban insurgents launch their salt early tuesday attacked the city from different directions they had heavy weapons and night vision equipment off gun forces repelled them with the help of usa support local.

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