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In front of me from nbc news the headline royal wedding media means big bucks for media companies you could see these people that are saying things about this i i'm always curious as to why it is we have americans who are who are obsessed with this royal family thinks it's baffling to me it doesn't even impact you in any way shape or form so if you're out there and you're fascinated by this royal wedding stuff you're going to get up at like seven o'clock in the morning on saturday you have to call me and tell me what you're doing mostly women out there listening are going to be doing it i can't imagine any man's going to get up and watch this on tv on saturday but if you are we know such is life but get this they have mike blocks some senior vice president of global media and entertainment at the media advisory firm magid maggot whatever it is is it the potential for revenue generation wrapped up in a royal wedding is huge and it runs into the multimillions there's no end of things that can be creative media owners and creative ad sales teams could do to generate significant revenue they talk about how important is right now it's on the top of everybody's minds because you have the baby that it was just born i guess it's prince excuse me gum queen elizabeth's ninety second birthday is all the stuff right it's being aired on a saturday morning giving more opportunity for americans attorney tune in watch i love these people who they titles a cracking people we talked to in these stories obviously he's a quote obviously the royal family has been seen as distant said julie alvin senior digital director of the lifestyle group at publisher meredith what would

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