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By kevin faulk h yeah i think where rescue dog your time and then i'll rehearse them they hate the out by name that against stuff like that get outfield remember home i find him forever definitely think when i go humane pry evil the time and like give mud hudson stuff i always come back with the dog every single time and then i know i'm there with you and that's why can't go anymore i've been cut off because if i do i end up bringing a dog home but then we end up keeping the dog so it's like so yeah i'm kind of right now i got a four pound yorkie sitting in my lap i just have to one ninety pound pit bull which likes to he's still getting used to the dog rain in the house before he's trying to like fight with him on time and then the other one is seventy pounds hip ball so and then i rescued in english bulldog wish mastery her stuff i i'm like i'm a road crazy lady i'm so good well jay's a cat guy and i'm a i'm a dog guy because i'm allergic to cats so you're right place yeah all my cats are rescues as well so oh yeah i rescued my cat just recently passed away it was really although i rescued him old like he was like eleven ready and he sends sixteen and just popped away.

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