Golden State Warriors remind Houston Rockets of dominance


The support animals in the globular clusters st bitter somewhere in between you gotta fit i don't know what exactly which into that spectrum but you're in there all right the warriors now have homecourt advantage in their western conference final against the houston rockets and if they win tomorrow night while many would say the series is over although you know the rockets are good enough to come back and win at least one in oakland we'll take it step by step though the warriors get game one one nineteen to one six durant thirtyseven thompson twentyeight curry nineteen the warriors outshot the rockets fifty three to forty six percent at a twenty four to nine assist to turnover ratio in the post game show on tnt charles barkley who was just crossing his fingers that this would be a good series and it still may be said he's very depressed because it's over that's what barkley said i am hurt this should not be a time of depression this is the third time in the playoffs you've said i'm so depressed and why are you so depressed tonight anybody who think iraq is going to win a game a win the series is an idiot declaring this is sweeping one goal ernie no way you're going to beat the mighty go no you can't earn it listen you just see this game iraqis can't beat them like i said i picked the wars and five can they win a game no they're not gonna win a game hey pick the wars and five i wanted to i'm taking the warriors in three kenny smith came back and said the rockets can make the series competitive but they can't do it playing the way they play with two man eyeso ball with harden and paul mike that's only is a great offense of mine he's a great coach he might say you know what i have to do something different but you had to test the water to see if you could play that way and win again game two tomorrow night in houston tonight cleveland at boston celtics up a game they won the opener by twentyfive sports at fifteen or twenty of fifteen and twenty five we're going to raise you to forty five that's a sign of mind is a terrible finger with my friends can i come back at twenty five just to make it true you know what i.

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