Jerusalem, Mitt Romney and Twitter discussed on Morning Party Mix


A way and the headline is romney calls pastor who delivered blessing at jerusalem embassy opening religious bigot can you imagine this is mitt romney now they evangelical pastor delivering a blessing at monday's opening of the us embassy in jerusalem is a religious bigot that is a quote who is unworthy of such an honorary role utah senate hopeful mitt romney wrote on twitter sunday night robert jeffress says you can't be saved by being a jew a mormonism is a hearsay from the pit of hell romney who is mormon wrote on twitter sunday night he said the same about islam such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the united states embassy in jerusalem dallas pastor jeffress who leads dallas's first baptist church and is also a member of president donald trump's evangelical advisor board is well known for sharply critical statements on faiths other than his own including labeling the church of jesus christ of latter day saints a cult jeffers on his church's web site has also written that quote islam is a false religion and that if you sincerely follow the tenents of islam you will end up in hell when you die the controversial pastor defended his positions on twitter as based in deeply held faith rather than bigotry

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