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Will live on forever allison keys cbs news when britain's prince harry and meghan markle get married on saturday dad won't be there to give megan away thomas markle decided not to attend after it was learned teamed up with a celebrity photographer to stage paparazzi photos of his getting ready for the big day the palace called a difficult situation jim chenevey cbs news it's five of the bay area's news station kcbs partly to mostly cloudy today after morning overcast and drizzle good morning i'm larry sharoni here's what's happening but earthquake hit the east bay last night the us geological survey says the tremor was of three point five magnitude and it was centered just east of oakland it struck at seven eighteen kcbs midday anchor rebecca corral felt it at her home in alameda described it as one significant shake one shake and then it's settled down shaking you know what i mean so check them and slower slower reports of any damage or injuries as you heard other cbs hourly news ten children have been taken away from a couple in fairfield who are accused of living in squalor and filth kcbs reported exuberance says the father of many of the kids is being charged with torture and child abuse which their mother says never happened fairfield police tell a horrifying tale coming into this beat up looking four bedroom home and finding ten kids sharing one of those rooms some of the areas of the house can be access to the amount of debris that was present was human and animal feces neuron on the floor it was obviously unsanitary condition the children or any human probably should be living in at the time lieutenant greg robot says when the kids were interviewed they claimed abuse and torture burns beatings stabbings being shot with bb or pellet guns jonathan allen the father of the youngest kids is behind bars charged with felony torture and child abuse their mother thirty year old aina rogers who's had eleven children and fourteen years is only charged for now with misdemeanor child endangerment she tells kcbs she and her husband never harmed their kids cps looks them up and down and said there's no sign of abuse no sign of neglect so why month later are you kicking my door down and.

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