Mark Reynolds homers twice in Washington Nationals debut against Arizona Diamondbacks


Sports flash back and morning again the washington capitals finally made the conference finals and now they're halfway through the quarter stuttered by jews time expires does it john walton on caps radio chew goals in the funnel sixty two seconds of the second period to break a to science hamp obey the caps at six to win freight shoe will lead on the lightning washington now seven and one on the road this season game three in their place tomorrow night the jets and golden knights play game two in winnipeg this evening the jets took their opener the warriors in iraq it's finally returned to the court this evening game want western conference finals in houston shortly after nine eastern hopefully this one provides more drama than the east opener yesterday afternoon the celtics writing a twenty five two firsthalf ron to a one hundred eighty three final over the cavaliers lebron just fifteen points with seven turnovers game two tomorrow night in being town veteran slugger mark reynolds returned to the big league last night blanchet second the pitch and it's hidden into laughed and relatives had another the national top six to four mark reynolds and his washington debut here tonight is hit two home runs this bradley that scores kendrick in front of him and washington polls in front now six two four that's greg solti on down in banks radio reynolds didn't find work this all season eventually signed with the nationals in the spring then came.

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