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Been hearing a lot about lately of course is amazon fresh you know the grocery delivery service there they had the unattended as well as the attended delivery so you don't have to be there really hard to find out where exactly amazon fresh is delivering now i know they are not in my area but if you go to amazon fresh website you can search for your zip code to see if available in your area and they've been changing it around they opened up in more areas some of them have closed down right now i believe seattle boston baltimore philadelphia dc chicago atlanta dallas you know some of those big hubs do have it but again i they're testing this out they have to make it a viable business option for them as well so they're testing things they do offer a thirty day free trial which then costs fourteen ninety nine per month which is on top of the basic ninety nine dollars per year amazon prime membership so fourteen ninety nine per month on top of that that order and then orders under fifty dollar kevin additional nine ninety nine delivery fee in the orders over fifty dollars or more to get that i

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