Trump brushes off Macron's suit in Oval Office


The iran deal it was a terrible deal should have never ever been made we could have made a good deal or a reasonable deal president trump and french president macron held a joint press conference at the white house today among the topics discussed the iran deal about which the two leaders disagree and the french president wants trump maintain that deal our president says he's undecided abc's andy field has more from washington andy your take on what on the events of the day boy this is a very interesting unusual day we started with the president in the oval office talking about many of the same subject we talked about it a news conference and then the president is everyone's leaving got up and brush dandruff off the shoulder of the french president's saying oh we need to get you straightened up there which was just just a bizarre you have to see this to believe it and then they had the news conference the president and macron president macron talking about a number of different subjects including syria iran north korea the climate accord and then of course the president talking about some domestic things as well let's start with iran the president has until the second week in may to decide whether the us is going to pull out of this agreement president macron doesn't want him to notice many other countries have signed onto this here saying there is no plan b and if the united states pulls out iran ah said well we'll pull out toodle to start making nuclear weapons right away instead of ten years from now so that's not a good deal and the president again still not answering what he wants to do about this when it comes to syria macron once again asking the president don't pull your troops out of there you'll leave a vacuum just as happened in iraq and we saw the formation of isis so the president seems to be waffling on that a bit saying he wants his troops home but he's not giving a deadline anymore we talked about north korea and the president's saying that kim jong un has been honorable these negotiations which is a far cry from little rock and man and and certainly the.

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