Macron argues for Iran deal, climate pact in address to Congress


Aska and ended in southwest iowa bellevue nebraska police say they were investigating a shooting this morning when a man drove by shot at officers none of whom were hit during the chase iowa state trooper dylan malone crashed his cruiser he's hospitalized in omaha was serious but not in life threatening injuries the suspect crashed into the river and was arrested a des moines man is charged with the hitler homicide by reckless driving for deadly crash last thursday police arrested thirty threeyearold grant you yesterday in connection with the crash that killed nineteen year old tyler wilcox you is accused of going more than seventy five miles an hour in a thirty mile an hour zone when his truck collided with the car driven by wilcox added the moines intersection wilcox his funeral was held earlier today our top national story french president emmanuel macron wants a better iran deal but says the treaty shouldn't be abandoned addressing us lawmakers today mccrone call for more a more comprehensive deal to prevent iran from building nuclear weapons he argued that iran must never be allowed to have nukes president trump has called the iran accord a bad deal that should never have been negotiated trump has suggested that he might withdraw from the accord next month the iran deal was negotiated by the us and other world powers during the obama administration finally former president george bush is giving thanks to everyone for their kindness following the death of his wife barbara bush bush took to twitter this morning saying all houston's did a great job making sure barbara bush has visitors and funeral gas felt welcome the expresident particularly thanks houston mayor vaster turner and police barbara bush died last week george bush has been in the hospital since sunday night.

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