North Korea stops short of suggesting any intention of giving up nuclear arsenal


Koa newsradio time four thirty former first lady barbara bush memorialize today at the piscopo church that she and her husband dan attended for more than half a century although neither bush attended texas am university they both have long felt a connection to the place and chose it as the site of mr bush's presidential library family friend jerry waterson is visiting there today you know encompass everybody you know you just felt so warm and cuddly but she always said i let me the libraries also the site of a tiny family cemetery or mrs bush will be laid to rest today alongside her daughter who died at age three of leukemia sixty four years ago jim ryan abc news houston russia wants the us to stop military activity near north korea in response to the recent nuke freeze today the russian foreign ministry welcoming an announcement by north korea that it's stopping all nuclear and missile tests in response moscow is calling on the us and south korea to reduce their military activity in the region next update at five o'clock david ko koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm roads are wet for the saturday that could be impacting speeds i twenty five through downtown denver is stop and go both directions with.

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