Arizona Teachers Vote To Strike, Sparking Statewide Walkout


Career what with over fifty seven thousand votes past and tallied seventy eight percent of school employees in this thing said yes all right the vote happened over three days arizona teachers voted and they want to strike or they will strike overwhelmingly the date is going to be thursday seventy eight percent more than fifty seven thousand ballots cast by teachers were in favor of a strike what's going to happen on thursday all depends what school district you're in all depends what school you're going to we've had a number of school districts that auroral that have already said nope we're done we're not going to open schools all schools in page arizona close next thursday all schools in peavy closed next thursday there's one other school district i forgot hambro hambro elementary school district on hamburg south of northern it's like in the heart of phoenix and glendale fourteen thousand students they're closed on thursday right so just hours after teachers got together they voted and we find out that thursday is going to be the big day at least you know now we've got three districts that say yep nobody's come into our school on thursday it's pretty interesting that's thursday.

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