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The supreme court holds some of the biggest rulings this term until this final week two point oh the biggest ruling still left for this term is on president trump's travel order which critics have denounced as a muslim ban other decisions expected this week include a major water rights dispute between georgia in florida wsb's jamie dupree is keeping close watch on the court this morning follow him on twitter at jamie dupree and read his blog at wsbradiocom learn more about his new voice fall out from president trump's tariffs harley davidson is moving production of motorcycles bound for europe from the us to factories overseas that's after the european union response to the president's tariffs on steel and aluminum by slapping retaliatory tariffs on harley's and other us made goods arizona senator jeff flake warns of brewing trade war and hence he might hold up president trump's judicial nominees in order to push congress to vote on tariffs president trump proposes denying illegal immigrants due process when they crossed the border has it in trump tweeting sunday quote when somebody comes in we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came the aclu said in a statement quote what president trump suggested here is both illegal and unconstitutional abc's karen travers reports the sees immigration trade is bread and butter campaign issues for the gop a thirty year old florida man is accused of deliberately mowing down a family out bicycling in tampa he had to go off road killing the data and seriously entering a three year old mikey's morris's jailed on charges of premeditated i agree murder and leaving the scene a dad's fatally shot camping with his two young daughters at malibu creek state park in california that park has now been closed while authorities hunt for the shooter there's been a report of shots fired at a retirement high rise in long beach california today paramedics may have been targeted responding to an alarm police and fire are on scene stay with us developments there unfold from the wsb twenty four hour traffic center part of a retaining wall collapses in the construction zone of the i seventy five toll lanes at windy hill the dot is assessing the situation to determine if it'll delay opening the northwest corridor express lane's later this summer and it hub ranks atlanta in the top ten cities to celebrate the.

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