Watching The World Cup At The United Nations


Hss dot edu it's morning edition on wnyc i'm richard hake soccer or football is the world's game and no event draws more is than the world cup so what better place to watch this international sports well we sent wnyc's zoe azoulay to the world's meeting room on the first day of the world cup russian ambassador to the united nations faciliate venezia hold his team jersey over his work through and addressed his colleagues i would like to say thank you very much at the u n the world cup is an event the games are broadcast in the delegates lounge which is like the fanciest work cafeteria you've ever seen decorated with priceless art from all over the world if it matches happening during work you can bet that you and officials are scurrying to catch some action between meetings here's permanent representative of denmark eve peterson just get the meeting but all my stuff but they said yes go get them so it was okay you in officials see the world cup as an extension of their job it's diplomacy play like mexican embassador gomez camacho marriage on the world cup because both idea or issue this objective to work together to solve issues challenges on sports also plays a very important role in the last world cup in two thousand fourteen the games were later in the day and the staff went whole hog serving themed cocktails but now watching these morning broadcast from russia it's mostly coffee except for some like this brazilian delegate who managed to find a beer at eleven am resilience cannot see the football game and not drinking beer mandatory technically in brazil it's twelve o'clock so are good at the un there's a tension between being diplomatic and overly nationalistic or as the first deputy to the russian ambassador dmitri plant ski puts it childlike and serious children inside the especially with the russians crowd crowd still working at the united nations that serious people when it's all over the russian and saudi arabian delegations congratulate each other we gave you that one grounds an ambassador and benziar reflects on his three nil win it'd be too many goals now i have to go and just like that it's back to work at least until the.

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