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The polls will be open from seven am to seven pm today who will get the gop nomination for governor incumbent henry mcmaster or greenville businessman john warren today's balloting will answer that question mcmaster had vice president mike pence campaign for him over the weekend in the low country and last night president trump was in west columbia for a mcmaster rally or all here for today a man who truly was with me from the beginning there was no doubt about it he was there right from the beginning trump also talked about the issues swirling in washington calling democrats proponents of open borders and calling them soft on on crime he also said the left does not want to solve the immigration problem also during the rally trump gave gop congressional candidate katie errington is shout out a very special person she was out there right from the beginning and here's the good news is going to be one hundred percent that's the goodness now john warren was also on the campaign trail here in the low country yesterday telling supporters that a marine with his record is about the only one who can solve the problem south carolina is facing gibbs knots as a political analyst for the college of charleston he says the trump administration supportive mcmaster is good at least in the short term longer term if trump gets himself in trouble with the lower probe if he says more controversial stuff you can you can certainly that the democratic opponent will use that in the general election this voter hopes that other voters dig a little deeper as to why they choose the candidate they choose the republican party is not the trump party so i don't want people voting for somebody just because of an endorsement i would rather them look at the candidate himself well who's ever left standing today for the gop nomination for our governor will face state representative james smith on the november six general election ballot 'em usc doctors gave an update yesterday on katie arrington condition she was involved.

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