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A lot of issues trying to keep your job ultra competitive and afc i went through my list i did hot seat simmering and then safe right and a guy that i had that simmering and it's kinda crazy to think about but if you look at that in the landscape in the division of the afc west it's andy reid because you you move on from alex smith and you put in patent mahomes in the to be the franchise quarterback and i think that's risky and by the way andy reid struggles in the playoffs are well documented yeah wildcard a little bit because there's always a chance you could retire it's not working out patrick mahomes and he just wants to step down that way and that's still counts as a coaching change that goes away from what you're used to their franchise but with one of those guys that took a whole lot of philadelphia not doing while the playoffs to move on i think at this stage in the second job screen what he's done with the cheese i think it's pretty much left up to him when he wants to step down so i think it'd be success or lack thereof is going to dictate how long any reach six of that in a safe category obviously you've got guys like ballot check tomlin doug marrone mike rebel because his first year same thing with frank reich jon gruden not going anywhere he's got a ten year contract doug peterson pat shurmur zimmer matt patricia matt nagy ron rivera dan quinn sean payton sean mcvay steve wilks and shanahan are all kind of in a safe category but any read was an interesting one to me also bill o'brien in houston i think i got him in the simmering too hot category yeah there's a lot of things we liked what he did was john watson last year but the reality is the jaguars and titans both made the playoffs in the division the culture getting andrew lucked back this is a team a couple of years ago that looked like they were gonna compete for a while to be an afc championship afc south champions they gotta get gear here quickly i think the first thing is the healthy shawn watson get him up to speed so he's ahead of some of the things he's going to see in the second year so his work with shawn watson last year was very good he builds on that and walkman proves and maybe some of the other things on the team go right then i could see definitely them sticking with him but if the winds don't happen and watson has a bit of a down year facing that defense is that are more prepared for what he does i think brian searcy in trouble hanging out with any higher nfl and fantasy writer for sporting news at vinnie ir on twitter just because you coach for jerry jones you're always on the on simmering putting jason garrett in that simmering to hide category jerry jones the owner we all know he's a meddlesome owner at that they went nine and seventy year ago dealt with ezekiel elliott stuff but i think that jason garrett's always been i mean like i feel like jerry jones keeps jason gear almost at an arm's distance all the time yeah this is a big ear.

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