A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 74th Unpresidented Week As POTUS


And you know they're in their in the big stall so it will be very interesting to see what happens today how how they respond at this point and as we've said event a and the interesting thing is ship saying well he just wants his information to help the donald donald trump lawyers you and i knew that was coming up because we said that's why trump we we got a call yesterday well donald trump should just say release all the records will no he doesn't won't do that yet because the accusation will be oh no he's only releasing doesn't matter if he releases all the records or just some of the records the accusation will be he's only releasing records it make him look good he's only declassifying things that make him look good well that's why we have said then you know release everything yeah really making the point that you we'll help donald trump well here's here's the point nothing is keeping the department of justice from not only handing devon nunez what he wants but anything that they feel is pertinent if they feel that nunez is being biased and only wishes to help donald trump if nunez does not want to get the entire story whether the department of justice can say we're giving you all this information and you can actually say we're giving you all the information that that is pertinent to this things that you may like and things you may not like which means things that might be favorable to donald trump and things not favorable to donald trump so that doesn't hold water the department of justice ken release more if they wish and say no we're going to release all of these records to you this encompasses the entire investigation and how it started not just what you want to make trump look good but how does nunez know that what he wants that he doesn't know is going to make donald trump look good he doesn't because he doesn't have access to that information well he doesn't know what's in it yet who's claim they have proof on the house intel committee that they have proof schiff.

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