Philippine leader sparks outrage by calling God 'stupid'


Minute protesters again today at the border patrol central processing station in mcallen texas florida senator bill nelson says his weekend visit to a detention facility in his state revealed a serious problem with reuniting families there is no plan this was obvious when i was there on saturday and talking with the workers their defense officials say the trump administration has chosen to texas military bases fort bliss and goodfellow air force base to house detained migrants one official says unaccompanied children would be sheltered at one of the bases while the other would house families family and friends say antoine rose junior deserves to be remembered as a caring young man and not just a hash tag the seventeen year old was fatally shot last week by police officer in east pittsburgh pennsylvania as he fled a traffic stop his funeral was held today i'm ben thomas the president of the philippines has sparked outrage by calling god stupid rodrigue do questions the biblical story of man's creation in a televised speech friday he asked why god created adam and eve only to allow them to succumb to temptation that destroyed their purity he said that was stupid the backlash has been strong and asia's largest catholic country political and religious leaders are calling for his removal even some of our tastes political allies were critical to tar taste spokesman defended his remarks saying the president has the right to express his opinion on religion and said do tardy has revealed that he was once sexually abused as a student by a priest the same sex marriage discrimination case in the supreme court's been handed back down to the appeals court a florist had refused to make an arrangement for two men getting married because she said it was against her religious beliefs that's the same issue the court confronted but ultimately passed over in the recent ruling in favor of a colorado baker who also objected to same sex marriage on religious grounds the court said in a colorado case that the colorado civil rights commission showed anti religious bias and that violated the baker's constitutional rights washington court so review the floors case for similar issues the detroit recording studio that help give birth to the motown sound is being sold for one point five million dollars wasn't too long ago that it was targeted for demolition it's where the marv johnson single come to me was recorded in may nineteen fifty nine it was the first for the tamla label which would eventually become berry gordy motown records are artists like aretha franklin and miles davis recorded at the studio with united sound systems closing in the mid two thousands and the city of detroit hoping to demolish it in two thousand thirteen to widen interstate ninety four the state backed off demolition plans and the studio was given an historic marker twenty seventeen following public criticism the properties now on the market with 'em live.

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