Teen rescued after being pinned under car on Mercer Island


A hiker died over the weekend in chilean county hiker slipped and fell several hundred feet while coming down mount store yesterday now identified this morning as a thirty two year old man from seattle his climbing partner was able to call nine one one for help apparently other climbers nearby were able to get to the climber who fell but sadly it was just too late they say that they have recovered that man's body with the help of helicopters komo's kale thompson with that story a sixteen year old girl was pinned under a car on mercer island over the weekend it happened around he's mercer way and sixty fourth police say her boyfriend who had been drinking started backing down a driveway the girl got out to see how far off the road he was when gravity took over the car went down the embankment the girl ended up pinned underneath it took several hours to free her but police say it appears her injuries are minor the teenage driver was arrested for dui a second person has been arrested in connection with a double homicide in university place last month the pierce county sheriff's office tells us the man was arrested in snohomish county thursday night two men last month were found shot in.

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