Australia's hard line on asylum seekers echoes around the world


Why is in mexico stopping them more at i not gotten on the phone and let them know when they had to caravan you know started with two thousand people in about one hundred people got in mexico has very very strong immigration laws like really strong among the strongest they could stop them cold if they wanted to they wouldn't be people walking across mexico like that but we wouldn't even have to worry about that if we had strong border which we have welcome back to the tom shillue show lou paid in for tom along with his team matt and josh and julia here as well they worked very hard they're doing an excellent job before during and after the show and we want you to be part of the team part of the family eight three three eight five two four eight six six that was president trump talking with mike huckabee on the governor's tv show former governor i should say but i guess they keep that title all the time and he's also saying that he wants legals they how they should be deported with no judges or no court cases and i touched on something voice and it seems that democrats and of course the media which is just a propaganda arm of the democratic party seemingly always side with the criminals i mean we're all in this together and crime if crime affects your community it doesn't it doesn't know whether you're republican or democrat that this is the thing that's lost because most of the preachers in the media they live in their ivory towers they doesn't really affect them but i wanna play a josh number twenty two this is again president trump talking with mike huckabee if anything it shows how much we need the wall but it's the democrats fault but it wouldn't be their fault along if they sat down with us we could make a deal so quickly but looking like they really want open borders and they weren't really crime to boring because we have people we're doing an incredible job in terms of security and i believe that i believe that until it happens they they they seemingly are in favor of the criminals it it's unbelievable it's but there's also a report out there is a cbs poll now that is showing fifty one percent of americans are now in favor of the wall that a wall would be a good idea townhall dot com is citing a cbs poll that showed that more americans than not want legal alien families either detained or deported altogether but that same poll shows that fifty one percent of americans believe that a wall along the southern border of the united states would be a good thing so even if that's structure has to go coast to coast which is physically impossible so donald trump says deport them without court cases without judges what do you say let's get to the phones a gym waterbury connecticut welcome to the tom shillue show with lou paid how are you good thank you very much listen absolute agree with donald trump i mean what is what is wrong with having a wall to know who's coming in our country we don't want people coming in we wanna know who's coming and that's all and the amount of money we spend on you know illegal immigration sanctuary cities which upsets me in connecticut here and nobody asked me if you use my tax is for sanctuary cities buck aggravating i'm going off the walls then you got you got the fake the stolen valor senator up there in rick blumenthal ridiculous that's all i see is murphy and is in blue it's all they do is never once do they ever support this president it's it's absolutely ridiculous and maxine waters it's an embarrassment you're a leader you're a leader in the best your best thing less but more importantly you just popping up the trump supporters in the base because we're sick and tired of all the crap that was one of our questions from our one what the you know the the language news you know the harassment all the merging this credit it's ridiculous back when when president obama was president if you said you didn't like his tie they called you racist and bigoted now you can scream violate people's civil rights it is truly an amazing thing i i gotta tell you i didn't like at all and i'll tell you what i didn't i didn't want the guy to fail i didn't i i disagreed with his policies but i certainly harm upon the man thank you very much we.

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