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You still have to do business with so don't give me started on amazon if they're only spending a thousand dollars a year they're they probably wasting that thousand dollars absolutely it's interesting that that people executives who loves small businesses have started wonder are good at sales that you would think they would fund elements generate for their generation too absolutely right there's there's so if you're gonna let's say besides second show isn't that one of the mistakes marketing experts make is not putting out if precising the lead generation part of marketing well you know inbound marketing has taken a huge drawn a lot of focus to things like part marquette oh hub spot center has brought a lot of attention to lead generation which has been great and the other thing that digital does and those are all digital tools work on your website is that it gives you an incredible amount of measurability and accountability however i will tell you that a lot of small business we're talking to have spent maybe upwards of one hundred thousand dollars brought in an agency and it's failing it's because they're not looking at the world is an integrated marketing program they're they're saying here's the shiny object in down marketing what's what's his try that well without good positioning inbound marketing doesn't help without a mois without understanding what your plan is without having insights to share without knowing your customers behavior without being able.

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