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Did north america nike's number two market after the united states china why on earth would president trump who so focused on economic growth wanna start a trade war with such a valuable market for us companies do you measure that this tariff talk right now is a function of our economy doing well john is is this possible because we have heavy demand for american products and everybody's working i heard that argument but i think it's more realistic to say that donald trump has always viewed imports as injurious i mean this he's saying the same things that he said about japan now that he said about japan in the nineteen eighties what's dangerous about it is the big norse how the world works i don't it doesn't matter to me where the technology has made let's remember was china hurt because steve jobs was based in california obviously not and what we have to hope for is that there are a hundred steve jobs and china's population think how our living standards will rise it doesn't matter where the technology is made so long as we have access to it and as long as the chinese are being innovative we in the us will benefit as though the technology was created right here in san diego california or dallas texas the point is if we're beneficiaries if we're importing were by definition gaining we wouldn't refuse a cancer care from north korea anymore than we should refuse a five g advance in china either way we'd be american consumers benefit the most donald trump's trying to block that what a dangerous thing john tammy is

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