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Four three thirty three thirty three we got a west point grad on the line kevin you're on newsradio kick he'll be thanks for calling hello i totally agree with you after spending four years there as a kid ed and graduating and then going back and teaching with the department of military science for three years and then going back to to be the battalion commander there i've never heard of anything like this before he should definitely pay every penny back to the to the government and and i agree with some of the other conditions that that you've said kevin tell me a little bit about the the education i mean what what are you receive other than the military training and and some of the finest education in our country has offer well it it's it's considering an ivy league education it it it's a tremendous opportunity i i went from west mesa high school here to to west point and and i i was thankful every day i was there there are some days that were more challenging than others but but we just had her for forty three union at west point and and to a t my classmates are are are humbled and honoured even forty years later to have graduated and and be part of the long gray line so kevin tell me how

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