Why Is This Happening?: Tracing the origins of the Puerto Rico disaster with Naomi Klein: podcast & transcript


That's why that's why our country is better than mexico and we'll do it because everybody will scream that we're humanitarian and we gotta welcome them all in and mexico says why would we want to do that if america's going to do it for us winding alternate you offer to mexican president that we will send our troops which you didn't like on monday to get to knock out the cartels and drug gangs in mexico so that the refugees can stay there i just don't want i don't want i don't want our troops fighting wars and other people's country i mean in in countries like that i mean obviously if we got threats to our national scam well maybe you can make the argument that that's a threat right on the border with mexico you know that's slightly military and trump can can deploy people wherever he wants the pentagon kindergarten isn't doesn't infested with buffoons like congresses and they can get something done like cleaning going after isis they could go after the mexican okay i'm return people get to stay in mexico you'll be much nicer and as nice as as america that better than they then they're there thank

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