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Your breaking news station i'm larry mullen break president trump has signed an executive order that would end the separation of migrant families who attempt to enter the country illegally however is correspondent kaitlan collins reports the controversy isn't over a texan this executive order that the president signed dozen shucks families to be kept kept together win possible but during that signing in the oval office shortly before the president left the white house he did say that this could be open to legal issues with this executive order and still referenced the legislation which shows that though the president is reversing course here we still could be a ways away from the end of all of this albuquerque mayor tim keller is getting involved in the controversy at the border and updated schedule from the mayor's office has keller will travel to tornado texas tomorrow or the bipartisan delegation of mayors from across the country to protest the trump border policy to firefighters working the san antonio fired air los alamos have been released least from the hospital after being injured yesterday officials of the vyas caldera national preserve where the fire is burning say the firefighters were hurt on a tree fell on them the fire was sparked by lightning last week it's burned just under five hundred acres and is now thirty percent contained earlier this week president trump said he was ordering the creation of a space force that would become a sixth branch of the us military and ensure american supremacy in space but defense secretary james mattis says it won't happen immediately you're going to require legislation and a lot of detail planning and

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