1 dead in Southwest Airlines flight emergency landing in Philadelphia


The evening a southwest airlines passenger plane forced to make an emergency landing in philadelphia earlier today the ntsb says one one person is dead after the new york to dallas flight lost one of its engines causing damage to the fuselage in midflight a piece of shrapnel blew out one of the windows the philadelphia fire commissioner describes what first responders saw they found a fuel leak and a small fire and one of the engines on the seven thirty seven aircraft the passenger who died has been identified as a wells fargo bank executive from new mexico a mother of two we're told seven other persons did have minor injuries and were treated at the scene meanwhile in orlando a small plane crash about noon today closed all of the runways at arlando executive airport for a short time fire department officials say the aircraft reported issues with its landing gear no one was injured wbz be over where orlando turns first first of the year weather i'm meteorologist george waldenberger tracking is very nice weather this afternoon temperatures will fall off tonight it will be cool but not as chilly as last night by morning we're expecting fifty five degrees we'll have a look at your extended five day forecast four times an hour and i'm john doe slain checking our interactive radar we have beautiful clear skies throughout the orlando area and yes the temperatures will get down to the mid fifties in some areas the upper fifties in other areas continuing our team coverage if you waited until today to gas up your car you're paying too much well that depends of course but aaa says prices at the pump now or at the highest they've been all year the state averages to sixty eight a gallon and hasn't been this high since late september of last year and it could go even higher this summer one reason summer gasoline costs more to make and if we have another hurricane well you don't wanna know joe ruble.

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