Cuba without a Castro: What comes next as the revolutionary dynasty ends?


Be the first official meeting of the house agriculture committee since march that's when negotiations broke down over work requirements braxton booker npr news washington cuba is about to get a new leader and for the first time in more than four decades the islands president will not be castro as npr's carrie kahn reports raul castro is expected to step down this week and hand over the presidency to a younger leader at eightysix row castro says he's ready for retirement he however won't be leaving his post as the head of the island's communist party a position believed to be more powerful than the president castro selected successor will most probably be fiftysevenyearold miguel diaz canal currently cuba's first vice president among his biggest challenges ds canal must improve cuba stagnant economy reforms introduced by rao castro in two thousand eleven allowed hundreds of thousands to open private businesses but further opening of the cuban economy has stalled it's unclear whether the canal works celebrate that process or keep the brakes on carrie kahn n npr news havana you're listening to npr this is wnyc in new york i'm richard hake good morning it's six oh four thirty eight degrees overcast right now immigration and customs enforcement says two hundred twenty five people were arrested over six days in the area during what it calls operation keep safe in new york thomas dekker the agency's director for enforcement and removal operations says that could be a regular week's work if his agents had more help from the nypd if we were able to and how to cooperation of new york city if we were able to work with the local pd corrections i mean these would be individuals that we can get right after jail new york city police ngos will only turn over immigrants convicted of a serious or violent felony or who are on a terrorist watchlist a spokesperson for the mayor's office says the city works with federal partners on public safety but not to be an arm of immigration enforcement public advocate letitia james is joining the push for legalizing record creation of marijuana in new york james says decriminalizing wardrobe deuce.

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